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Mold Manufacturing

Transform a novel idea into a real-life mold with our mold manufacturing solutions. We are capable of creating 3D drawings and conducting 3D printing for plastics that need prototyping and small samples. Our 3D printer uses grade-A thermoplastics to construct functional 3D models with fine details. Our services include design review and DFM to identify and minimize potential issues prior to production. Our mold manufacturing services also come with in-house maintenance and repairs.

Overview of mold manufacturing features:

 ✔ Uses advanced 3D printer system capable of producing ultra-fine details
 ✔ Turns any concept into a 3D drawing, print, or mold
 ✔ Guaranteed quick turnaround time
 ✔ Includes in-house repairs and upkeep
 ✔ Design review and fixture production to ensure best product quality prior to production run


With us, your options are limitless.

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Injection Molding

As one of the pioneers of medical molding in Florida, National Molding Medical Products prides itself in yielding world-class products trusted by clients in and outside the US. Among our most popular injection molding services are insert molding, overmolding and clean room molding – all completed using advanced technology, high-performing equipment and specialized skills.

We continuously produce a high volume of component and assemblies for medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and general healthcare sectors. As a one-stop molding source, we also afford clients the flexibility to fashion any molding concept through highly efficient secondary operations. Our injection molding procedures are guided by good manufacturing practices and regular audits directed by governing international bodies.

Our injection molding solutions are known for:

 ✔ Premium conventional and insert molding
 ✔ Closed-loop processes
 ✔ Controlled environment
 ✔ Commodity and engineered resins
 ✔ High level of automation

Some benefits you can expect from our injection molding services:

 ✔ Extensive knowledge of diverse applications.
 ✔ Expedited validations
 ✔ Customer Focused Program Management enhances timelines and accelerates product launch.


If you have other secondary operation needs that are not listed here, simply contact us and we will make it happen.

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Contract Manufacturing Solutions

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Get full support for your contract manufacturing needs with value-added services from National Molding Medical Products. With our decades-long expertise in plastic sub-assemblies and secondary operations, we can complete any molded project, from simple to complex, quickly and accurately.

To support injection molding and post-molding processes, we utilize automation and robotics to reduce cycle times and contain costs.

Achieve mold transfers with ease with our tool transfer operations. Our procedures follow all necessary steps required to ensure smooth production and reduce production loss.

Not sure how to translate a concept to a finished device? Boasting decades of experience, our engineers can fully assist in product design and development. Our team uses both 2D and 3D programs to maintain product accuracy and exceptional quality, turning an idea into a finished medical product meeting your exacting specifications.

Our full roster of contract manufacturing services include:

 ✔ In-house tooling
 ✔ Pad printing
 ✔ Heat staking/ hot stamping
 ✔ CNC machining
 ✔ Automation

 ✔ Sonic welding
 ✔ Solvent bonding
 ✔ Assembly
 ✔ Thermoformed clamshells
 ✔ Custom packaging